Two studs and sweet doctorWe often happen to Ostin on trainings and strongly we get tired on them. After the next еrainings before the championship on football in college we so done up that not in forces were to stir legs which as we hobber to clinic in which our familiar doctor worked by name Schneider. He always was very lovely and sympathetic person though sometimes we observed of  his some strangenesses, he was very gentle to each patient that caused suspicion. As was and this time he has accepted on both has set on a couch and has started to measure pulse and pressure, has looked pupils, has started to feel a body, we have told to him that we have strongly got tired and to us it is necessary as that to relax. The doctor probably has not understood us and has asked is undressed next to the skin, we have undressed, in hope that he will make to us relax massage, but not here that was, the doctor has bent and took in my mouth his love arrow and begin passionately suck away it, my friend was in a shock from seen, but has told nothing and continued to observe. After a few time to me it was pleasant as the skilled doctor sucks mine love arrow and by that relax me, my friend did not become to wait some from the doctor, and simply having asked us will move to a couch has put me by side and he is rigid push love arrow in my ass. So the doctor sweetky sucked my love arrow and the friend fuck me in an ass, i received double pleasure, gradually we have begun to change in places we couple with the friend sucked away doctors pipe, by turns fuck him in the juicy ass. Here such here relax we have received in medical cabinet at the lovely doctor.

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