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I was given the okay that I could touch it, and when I took hold of the cock in my hand. It was warm, and coming to life with my touch. I started to jerk him off, to see what it was like. When the Doc said that it was okay I leaned forward and put it in my mouth. I was sucking cock and loving it. Rimmermans cock got hard and after it was rock hard, he liked it when I got all of his cock in my mouth at one time. However, doing this made me start to choke and gag at the same time. The Doc even fucked my face with his cock, trying to force more down my throat. After a while he told me to drop my briefs and that he wanted to watch me play with myself. As my underwear came off and I sat back in the chair, Dr. Rimmerman lowered himself to the floor and started to touch my body with his hands. As he took a hold of my cock, he pulled on it for a moment before putting it into his mouth.