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Jacob and I went back to the clinic, because we wanted a chance to make some extra cash doing something easy. At least that was what the Doc told us the last time we were in there, and I was getting my foot examined. The nurse took us back to the same exam room that we were in the last time we were there. Sitting there we waited, but not for long when Dr. Richard walked in. He told us that Dr. Phingerphuk had an emergency that he had to attend to, and that he would be seeing us for the experiment. The doc introduced himself, and made the joke that he preferred to be called Dr. Dick. We told him a little about us, and that we mainly was in because of my foot. Moving up on the table, the doc took a look at my foot and touched it a couple of different spots for any tenderness. Dr. Dick had me take off my shirt to listen to my heart and lungs. I stood up and the doc had me take off my pants and stand for a moment. He examined my chest, and noticed that I had a couple of sun spots. I heard a lecture about sun screen, and then he put on a pair of gloves. As the gloves were put on, he apologized for the noise going on outside with the lawn.